1) You've had almost a week to recover, and the dust has settled.  Any moments sticking out as being particularly memorable?

The whole weekend was class. We couldn't really have wished for it to have gone any better. The icing on the cake (for me) was having the 501st down to both shows. I know they're only some guys in outfits but having Vader and Imperial Stormtroopers patrolling the venues, and leading us out on stage was pretty special, and reminiscent of when we had them at the Kentish Town Forum years ago. The crowds went off brilliantly and kept the energy up for the entire sets. There definitely seemed to be an air of nostalgia / celebration in the venues and it was class to see a crowd full of people just grinning, having a great time. We had a bad case of nerves before the Roundhouse but after a few songs we settled and just enjoyed it. They were actually 2 shows that we wished never ended, when it's that fun you don't want to leave the stage!

It was good hanging out afterwards, my parents and Andrea were over, they all had a great time too. It was good seeing everyone from the Ash board after the Roundhouse, the only shame was the Astoria kicked everyone out on the Saturday for the club afterwards, meaning the after-show never happened. We ended up back at the hotel, with a few dodgy hangers on, and there were a few drinks had there!

"No, you will not play the Dusty Springfield cover!"
2) In the louder/faster songs, you have a tendency to entice the crowd to go extra wild with various hand gestures.  This isn't a question, but rather a statement from my ribs: 'Ouch".
Yeah well sometimes it's a case of monkey see, monkey do. It usually doesn't take too much encouragement to stoke the fire and as everyone was up for it, it was pretty easy to get them going. I read your post saying the Astoria got a bit violent, I guess that'll just harden you Canada boy!  : )

3) Which night of b-sides was better in your opinion?
Well the Astoria actually got one extra song with Teenage Kicks being thrown in there as a birthday present to our tech Davis. He wasn't working but was down for the show and it made his day. I love playing the Cantina Band which we did both nights which was cool and rather apt with the Star Wars characters in the house... I think T-Rex and Sneaker are too close to call but I like Does Your Mother Know over I Only Wanna Be With You. Petrol also went down a storm, maybe better than Uncle Pat so I'll call the Roundhouse, but only by the slimmest of margins.
4) You told Jedisteve and I that you'd come play us new songs at the hotel after the Astoria show....next thing we know you're heading off to bed. When are the general public going to hear the new stuff?
Next March the flood gates open. And yeah sorry about that... It was getting late, I was wiped out after the shows and knew that if I went to your room it would turn into an all night bender! I had to entertain my folks the following afternoon and didn't want to be doing it mummified. Next time...
JediSteve meets his match...

5) Any word on the release date for the reissue? 'The Scream' is still a phantom haunting us all.
Word is that it'll now be Nov 3rd. We've had some deadline issues and things got pushed back. The product manager at the label also left the company and things started to get shambolic. We put it back as it was looking like things could get fucked up. Hopefully everything will proceed smoothly from here on in. The Scream will be worth the wait!

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