Were there any moments of trepidation mid-song for some of the less frequently played stuff?

In general it wasn't too bad. I think we kind of surprised ourselves in rehearsal how quickly the older material came back to us. Some of the b-sides and covers took a little more work but the 1977 material for me was surprisingly easy to remember. I think at the roundhouse when we got caught up in the atmosphere of the show I had a few moments of, 'Oh shit! what comes next?' It definitely gave me the feeling of the way we played back in 1996, where nerves were a bit more frayed than I'm used to these days!

Obviously the Astoria is special to the band. How did the Roundhouse match up?

I've got to say, the Roundhouse is an amazing place to play. From the minute I walked in for soundcheck I was excited for the show. That ceiling and the size of the place really sets you up for something special. Now that the Astoria is marching into the history books, I'd be more than happy for the Roundhouse to become Ash's new home.

Any of the album tracks or b-sides go down particularly well for you?

Personally, I loved doing Sneaker again. It's one of our most intense songs drumming wise, so it was great to be able to pull it of 12 years later. It was nice to see the grin on Mark's face when I was able to pull of the fill going into the chorus! Get Ready was my favourite cover to do.
From 1977, there was so much that was amazing to do again, itis hard to pick; Gone the Dream, just because it was the least played at the time. Innocent Smile I loved, especially at the Astoria. Let It Flow I always loved playing; until the anxiety dream i had about it 10 years ago. Let's just say it was a relief that my dream did not become reality.

Conversely...are there any singles you'd like to lay to rest for a little while?

Not really. For me all the singles we play regularly are great because they go down so well, so I don't mind playing them at every gig. Having said that, we're gonna have so much new stuff next year we might have to drop some of them. I don't think we'll have heard the last of any of them though.

Think we'll be getting any glimpses of new songs soon?

There's not much happening on the live front for a good while now, except the Singapore show, so I reckon it won't be til next year that we'll be doing more new stuff. But when it comes, I've got a feeling it's gonna be a deluge!


Tim's next, and maybe Tav if he answers his email.......

Looking cute in an 80's track suit,


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