It's been funny seeing that Ash has been dominating the headlines this week. An ingenious diabolical scheme, forcing all our competition to cancel their tours and media appearances. We were tempted to go out to Heathrow to do a free gig to try to make amends and clear the bad name we've been getting :)

We've just added some more free tracks for you. We really are a factory of music this year, it's amazing. We've got Mogwai's remix of Dare To Dream and live versions of Arcadia and Space Shot from the A-Z tour. We used the live tracks in the A is for Ash documentary and thought they sounded really good, they needed to be shared with you.

We just had a really fun instore show at Rough Trade East to celebrate Record Store Day. Our first UK live appearance with Russell (He also did a show later on with his band Pin Me Down!) Last day of rehearsals tomorrow. Bring on the tour!


P.S - Here are some Rough Trade East photos courtesy of my cousin Guy. Super Mario was in the front row.

Added on 17/04/2010 by Tim