Ichiban FC are transmitting electricity, with a 68 point week Tim has shot up to 2nd in the ash-official league! And it could have been more if sub, and West Ham goalscorer, Mark Noble had made it onto the pitch.

It's said that great teams are build from the Ichiban FC got themselves three clean sheets and bonus points from Mellberg and Melchiot. Moving into midfield there were assists for Diarra and Deco (though Deco did pick up a booking), but it was upfront that Tim really racked up the points with his Arsenal boys... two assists and a (Ichiban FC) captain's performance from Adebayor along side two goals from Van Persie set Arsenal 3rd in the Premiership table, just a point behind Liverpool.

Ichiban FC's Celebrations

It wasn't quite the same success story for dmh's Decepticon All Stars... goals were about as easy to come by as they were at Villa Park on Sunday, and dmh suffered along with Liverpool after the early lose of Torres. Though bonus points and clean sheets from Laursen and Melchiot and Deco's assist did make it a respectable performance and 37 points. Though it definitely isn't a bad side the Decepticon's have with Ashley Young, Arteta, Agbonlahor and Ashton unmentioned... it just sometimes isn't your week.

 dmh, hurt by his team's performance
dmh, hurt by his team's performance.


No Premiership footie this weekend as it's international week, but with two international games for most countries be sure to check whether your players, or any potential signings, return to their clubs uninjured.

And of course if any of your players have left the Premiership in the final day of transfer window mayhem, sell sell sell before their value drops!

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