Babel makes the jedi's week!!
Cue man-love from the jedi!


Back from Majorca and what a weekend of football we had... the highlight imo the 2-1 victory over Man U with hotel all inclusive put too good use! With only one team keeping a clean sheet in the fantasy world it was going to be all about the strikers and goals, goals, goals!

Tim's Ichiban FC is still riding high in the league, though stuck just behind Dave Grant in second spec. Tim had another 60+ point week.... though I'm sure Clichy was in his team last week? Without him Tim missed out on some of only clean sheet points available. Points were also dropped with West Ham's Noble again on the bench. Will his performance finally have impressed his Manager? Tim Wheeler or Zola?

But Tim is obviously doing something right and this week this came in the form of Laursen, Diarra and Barry's bonus points and big goals from his Arsenal boys: Van Persie got one and Ichiban FC captain Adebayor helped himself to a hat trick. Blackburn should of finalised Fowler's deal earlier, he's normally good for a goal against the Gunners.

dmh also made his way up the league last weekend with a little help from his Villa boys. Along with Laursen's bonus points was a goal from Ashley Young keeper same problem for Spurs. An early assist from Man U new boy Berbatov got Liverpool going and enforced dmh's forward line along side Zaki's strike for Wigan.

Ash are on the up.


Ichiban FC West Ham forward picked up an injury (again!) in new manager's Zola's first training session.

Ronaldo is back after coming off the bench in United Champions League match last night, but at 14.0 can anyone afford him?

With Vidic suspended if you're looking for a Man U defender, Ferdinand's value has droppped to 6.9. Now maybe the best time to buy, though they do face leaders Chelsea this weekend.


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