So I'm sat on the edge of stage left with Destriler, dmh's spare bass, the one with the ezekiel sticker, inchs away is Goeden Dag the bass Mark will be swinging into action in about 5 and half hours time. naming by Leif. I'm hiding over here while the guys are doing a radio interview back (side) stage. Lance is wandering around looking for places to hide bags and Tom's just tested the smoke machine, over me. I'm pleased to report it works. I'm on fire.

Actually the interview must be over now coz Mark's just appeared, still not looking great.

We stayed over in Brighton outside venue (behind the piss line) and drove over sometime around lunch time, I woke up when the bus roared into live and randomly circled a hilton and shell garage on route three or four times. dunno why but it was fun. On arrival Lance, Mike, Flea and Tom sprung into action and Tim and I headed off for a jacket potato, beans and cheese. The cheese was a spare of the moment thing, Tim had been on the look out for a jacket with beans for a few days.

But back to last night, where to begin? Panama Kings, they are awesome! I really recommend getting down early enough to catch them if you're coming tonight or to the Ballroom.

Ash opened with Walking Barefoot, maybe not what people were expecting, think we're gonna try Kingdom of Shadow to open tonight, no wait I'm dreaming. Three new tracks were aired: Spaceshot, True Love 1980 and a super extended version of Return of White Rabbit. The guys were pretty nervious beforehand about how these would go down, but the reaction was great! People singing along to the second chorus of Spaceshot and as soon as the Rabbit bass kicked it, it was clear we were onto a winner!

After the gig Tigger and Dan came back stage for as long as was possible, we then hung around in the venue till the booze run out and then we retired to bus, the Panama Kings coming with us for what didn't quite turn out to be a bus party. Not quite sure what we did for the first hour or so (other than raiding the venue for more beer... they did promise it after all... smash and grab in adidas tags) but Tim, Mark, Rick, Mike, Tom and myself ended up in the front lounge upstairs in the bus listening to about 20 new Ash songs! Things not even I had heard of. Some real stand out songs, I'm biased and I've probably said this every time around but some of this batch really are the best they've produced!! I can't give any song titles away as I can't remember any! Be excited!

I tapped out about half 4, leaving Rick to finish corrupting his younger brother with Tom, to spend my first night in a Ash bus bunk. Surprisely very comfy! Rick wasn't sleeping much in New York but had his best night sleep in weeks when he boarded the bus, that's how good they are. I've a top bunk and I haven't quite mastered getting in and out, nearly took someone out this morning. It's harder than it looks.

So yeah like I said I was woken when the bus starting moving, mouth stuck together and feeling the effects of last night a little. After wandering downstairs and chatting with Lance, Flea, Mike and Rick about good times on the road we stopped off for an ice cream on the seafront before we headed here and we've now gone full circle! Lance is now sat to my left and Mike's changing Goeden Dag's strap while Tom wanders around the stage pretending to look at the lights while a "local guy" climbs up and down a ladder. I'm in need of some liquid refreshment, smootie will do the trick.

Top tour bus tip #1: sleep with a bottle of water - the bunks are too comfy to move from.

It's now 5 hours till kick off.

To be continued...

PS there will be pictures

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