ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set
ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set


Hello friends,
Sorry for the lack of business around here lately. Jedisteve is busy saving the day on fun-filled Friday nights of server magic and I'm busy recording songs with my band (and being an adult 8-4 daily). However, I can only go so long without bugging our heroes for information from Midtown, NYC, so dmh got the brunt of my punishment this time...

Give us the rundown on 2 new songs - 1 that is typically 'Ash' and 1 that is more out there.

One of the new ones that sounds like classic Ash is actually called Ashes (Ed. note - Hopefully not an Embrace cover). Tim wrote the chorus melody around the time of the Shed demo, 16 years ago! The song has been reworked and sounds like a very punchy early 90's grunge rock track. The vocals haven't been recorded yet but the music reminds me of Husker Du. The song has a lot of different hooks and I can see it pleasing fans of the more typically Ash sound.

The fateful session that brought us the chorus from Ashes?...
On a completely different tangent is the song True Love 1980. This is something of an uplifting electro pop synth sensation. We have great expectations for this song and think it may well be a key single in the future.

Jedisteve is pretty much a king and is doing a marvelous job whipping this place into shape.  What can us vulture-like fans expect content wise in the near future?

Things have been a bit quiet content wise recently as we've been full on in the studio. We're now in the process of finishing 36 songs. The plan is that next year will be the start of more Ash content than ever before.

Steve is indeed the new webmaster. He's been kinda stuck dealing with server and new shop integration but he'll hopefully have new comments features, galleries and a forum up soon.

Jedisteve, contemplating Chunky Knit Fridays and something related to web server madness...

You're off to Bangkok in a few weeks. Any memorable moments in that fine city? I'd love some authentic Pad Thai if you could FedEx it over to me...

I leave Friday morning just after a Thanksgiving turkey feast! It's a long old flight out to Thailand but we're looking forward to it. I've got an old, rather crazy, friend from home who's meeting us out there so it should a right laugh too. It'll also be the last show before I become a Dad which is kinda surreal to think about. We've had some good times in Bangkok before, I remember racing Tuk-Tuks through elephant roamed streets, boat cruises, temple visits, amazing lightening storms and rather excessive hospitality services provided by the promoters! That's not even mentioning the shows... one of which was in a UFO shaped building. The extra-hot food always goes down a treat too.

Finally...any baby names coming to the forefront as the day approaches?

At the minute we're undecided on Chloe or Gemma. Bumblebee was unfortunately vetoed by everyone I know!

So there you have it. Hopefully Tim will get around to answering his 1977 shows interview, but if he's busy writing hit songs I will forgive him...this time.

All I want for Christmas is a Dipinto guitar,

PS - with your questions for the boys...


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