ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set
ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set


Hello Cyberspace,

Today we announced our first show of the year at London's Bloomsbury Ballroom on Saturday June 6th. Tickets available here from April 17th. Thinking forward it fills me with anxiety already, having such a long break between shows does this to you. I'll be having panic dreams for the next month where I'm on stage naked, with everything in slow motion, in an empty room, trying to play songs which I have no idea what they are... of course all that dread disappears as soon as we step out on stage in reality, last years 1977 shows were a good example of that. We're obviously looking forward to playing new material and raising a few eyebrows with the new directions we've been working on. This one off show is really to settle our own nerves and showcase some new stuff as well as get in some promotion for our 'announcement'. The pre-release period has always made us nervous and this time is no different! What does this campaign have in store for us? Only time will tell...

Today we're mixing the 'Christmas / Holiday' song that was mentioned before. We had a saxophone player in the studio last week and I'm crossing my fingers it's gonna be cool! Insects also turned out to be really great and very different again from what we've done in the past. I think by the end of tonight we'll have 32 finished and mixed songs, and there's a load more still to do.

You may be wondering when we're gonna make the announcement regarding our 'great plans'? Hold tight, we're still working on some of the 'behind the scenes' stuff. Everyone will know well before the London show and it should freak people out and make you all very happy.

Here's a pic Mike Laverick's friend drew of me as Soundwave, pretty cool. Now I feel qualified to get a vocoder and bellow the immortal lines, "Laserbeak! Eject! ...All Over My Face". Don't ask! Speaking of Transformers I've expanded my Mighty Mugg collection to all of waves 1 & 2. Starscream is by far the coolest of the 6 released so far.

I also found these pics on facebook of us celebrating 1977 going in at Number 1 back in 1996. Amazing. Check out Will from Symposium and Hell Is For Heroes! This was in the beer garden of some Irish pub in Camden. I remember dancing along the top of that brick wall.

I've been working on the basic tune for a new song. It might just be genius. I dunno, I guess we can all judge that later... I think It's gonna be called Spheres and it's all about math and the structure of universe. Maybe I've been watching too much Science channel and BSG.

On the topic of US politics and yesterday's Fox News teabagging charade, I gotta post this vid. KO strips away the right-wing propaganda bullshit and tells it like it really is.


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Laterz, dmh.

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