Things have looked deceptively quiet round here but our secret laboratory has been a real hive of activity.

Rick arrived in New York on the 13th October. None of us suspected that by the time he'd leave on the eve of Hallowe'en that we'd have written and arranged 20 new songs, it's even crazier that we've recorded all the drum and bass tracks for them. He's really set the pace with his professionalism, he's some sort of machine. I'm hoping to shred through my guitar tracks over the next couple of weeks, and then I've got a fuckload of lyrics to write.

This will leave us with a total of 36 finished far. Lots of exciting new songs. You might be curious why are we recording so many new tracks. Well, we have diabolical plans for next year.

Hope you had a great Hallowe'en and happy witches new year to you all.



Added on 03/11/2008 by Tim