Hey, it's almost the end of Winter. Here's the lyrics of Dionysian Urge to celebrate this fact. Soon we'll be on tour, after all this hard work I'm ready to have some fun.

The song is a close friend of "Walking Barefoot" with it's recurring lead guitar melodies and it's another of my favourites amongst the A-Z series.

See you soon!




Dionysian Urge


Speak to me, oh tender joy

Latent energy

I've been sleeping through the days

Lost in reverie

Rising upwards from the depths

Secret melodies

Light the torches, light the fires

Show your mysteries


Hey pretty baby, come with me

Drop your guard, let it go

I've been waiting patiently

In the dark, lying low

Oh, everytime i feel this urge

Yeah, I've got to listen close

So I surrender to the surge

Give it up, here we go


Entering an altered state

Close to ecstasy

Carried on a tide of bliss


Senses heightened in the dance

Give in to the beat

I'll be waiting for your kiss

Now tell me that you don't believe