The eagle-eyed may have noticed a few posts ago that all I wanted for Christmas was a Dipinto guitar.  Well, it came through the post on December 29th! That's right...Tim sold me the guitar pictured below which has an interesting story in Ash gear history.  Tim saw a prototype at a guitar store in the USA while the band were touring 1977.  He liked it so much that he asked to have one made, hopefully to debut at Reading 1996.  It didn't make it in time, but it still showed up in the Wild Surf video and the Love and Destruction documentary.  And now it's in my grubby hands (complete with Ichiban shirt...thanks Tim!). It's a great guitar and I'm giving it a good home.

Moz shirt for Matt-o-mac...

Almost exactly a year ago, Tim sold me this guitar as well...a 70s Guild Bluesbird that was purchased in Australia as a backup for the Gretsch after the neck was snapped off the 90 Les Paul.  A true hero, Tim gave me the iconic Rolling Stones guitar strap from that era to go along with my new squeeze.

I get lots of satisfaction

You can see the guitar in action (complete with awful Ben Lee interview) here.

...get about 4 mins in to miss the bollocks. the jedi x

Hope you're all well in 2009...I personally can't wait for January 26th.


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