Babies 'R Us


Well as Tim has announced it from stage a few times and it's been wrongly reported in The Sun, I guess it's a good time to announce it on the new website...


I'm gonna be a Dad!




How's that for a shocker...


I'll post some scans on here if Andrea's cool with pics of her uterus being published online, actually that might not be happening. But yeah she's due early January, It could well end up being Christmas day! I think we'll have to have some fun and have a baby name competition once we get new forums up and running!

So far I'm pitching for Bumblebee (for a girl) and Democritus (for a boy). For some reason Andrea's not having it...


For those that don't know. We got married in April and thanks again to all those Ash-boarders who sent us wedding gifts, you really are too kind.


dmh. & Andrea.


Here's some wedding pics from our big day... such posers!