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1) Tell us about the story behind the ROWR's a departure for you guys!

A few months ago a video for the FAA b-side Nocturne appeared online and we were all very impressed. It was a very simple but really beautiful animation and I contacted the guy who made it to say we liked it. I think I told Nico, the director and also Ash fan (you should have seen him in the mosh-pit in London!), that it might be cool to work on something in the future for one of the new A-Z series songs. A few emails were sent back and forth and Tav sent Nico a ROWR mp3 to write a video treatment. From our point of view, it makes a lot of sense to have a fan who's really driven and wants to make the video to do it. Nico and his company (Big Button) are obviously highly skilled animators so there was no worries that the final product wouldn't be quality. We really left Nico to his own devices and let him do his thing. The result is a really cool animated video which is completely different from anything we've done before. There's also quite a few easter eggs in there that hardcore Ash fans should be able to spot. Anyone find the Solar Happy cover? We all wanted to stay away from a typical performance video which we've already done so many times. The whole point of the A-Z series is that there's no limits and that we're going to experiment musically, so the videos should do the same and push the boundaries of what we've done in the past. We're hoping to have lots of fun with the 26 singles and videos. These days you don't need to spend a fortune on video's, a good online viral video is way more effective than a slick MTV production that may or may not even get played.



2) True Love 1980 - confirmed by NME as the first single of the A-Z series.  How and when did that song come together?
At present True Love 1980 will be 'A' and the 1st single of the A-Z series starting in September / October. Tim wrote it and it's an out-and-out pop song. I first time I heard it, it was just music still without a vocal melody, but I knew it would be one of the key singles from it's vibe. It's heavily synth lead and an obvious musical reference would be New Order. It'll probably not be for the Kerrang! audience but it's definitely one of my favorites. We'll be making a video and crossing our fingers that radio plays it as there'll be a lot of focus on the first song at the start of the campaign. The live YouTube videos from the recent shows really don't do it justice and Tim's production on it is excellent. We all rate it really highly and hope it connects with people, if it does then we might have a hit on our hands, but it's probably best not to jinx it as we've been wrong in the past with songs we were certain were hits that never happened.

3) Other than Space Shot, True Love 1980 and ROWR, can we expect to hear any more new tunes at the festivals this summer?
Dunno. We don't plan to do too many new ones until later in the year once we start touring. We might do others but we haven't rehearsed any yet. Saying that we're really excited to play the new stuff. The 3 we've played live so far all have electronic elements in them, but the musical span of the 26 singles is really broad and we got some real rocking stuff that should kill live. One song in particular called Joy Kicks Darkness will be EPIC. It could become the live twin of TOTI. By the time we're well into the A-Z campaign we're gonna have a hell of a set to work with. If we get to the stage to do a production tour in 2010 the show will be immense.

4) On a mostly unrelated note...are you feeling much separation anxiety being on the road away from Scarlett? Or does she have her own road case and bunk on the Ash bus?
Well the longest I've been away is 10 days which is not too long, of course it's still hard being away but at least you can talk and see each other with Skype. It's amazing how much smaller the world has become with technology. My Nanny's brother left Ireland for America when he was 17. The family never saw him again and the only contact they had was by letter. In the space of a few generations we can now have video conferences in groups on laptops and cell phones. I bet in another 20 years and we'll be able to beam and interact with holograms of each other in real time from the other side of the world. I actually got more sleep on the mini-tour than I'd get at home which was a bit of a luxury. It's going to be really tough once we have longer tours, I'm trying not to think about that yet... maybe I will have to get a baby flight case!
Scarlett (smh) and White Rabbit: A deadly duo

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