Tim said that you really pushed for this song to happen after hearing a loop on his computer.  Can you explain the nexus for this single?

Well the first time Rick and I heard it, it was just the verse and chorus chord progressions that Tim had looped up his computer. Just the chords on their own and the synth lines stood out and I knew that Tim would be able to forma  really strong Pop vocal around them. I made sure we worked it out as a band because, for me, it had single potential just from the vibe of the music.
Rumour has it (via Twitter) that there was a video filmed in Portland (and may have included a meet up with U2Kent!).  When can we see this epic work? Any clues as to the theme/premise/etc?
Yes we did indeed shoot the video the Portland. It was a fun few days and Justin (U2Kent) looked after us well. We had a good night out before the shoot that ended up dragging a bobblehead Rick around the streets. We also ended up hammered in a 24 hour doughnut shop which I didn't remember until I saw video of it on Facebook! The video show be released to the internets next week. It's really cool and has a narrative that we hope will surprise a few people.

When can fans expect to see subscription/ordering options for the A-Z series?  Have you got anything worked out for your non-UK fanbase in that regard?
Hopefully in a few weeks time the subscription will be set up and ready to sign up to. I 'm not involved with the tech side of the website. JediSteve has been working with Topspin the digital distribution format to get it ready. Everyone's chiming in with suggestions about the cost but we really want to keep it very attractively priced. The subscription will be worldwide so anybody with a credit card will be able to sign up.

Added on 09/09/2009 by Chad