I'm trying to learn the Bass, and I'm just wondering if you got any tips for me and I'm also thinking of getting an tutor, how did you learn?

Tim and I taught our selves right from the beginning and never had any tuition, so if possible try and find another person learning guitar and work things out together, this would be a huge help and who know you might ever form a band!. Also try to start writing your own material right from the start, it doesn't matter how bad it is, it's just good to get in the mind-frame of working on your own music. You should also start working out some real simple sounding bass lines from songs you like and are familiar with. Once you've worked some of these out you'll start to feel you're accomplishing something and you'll also find working out the more complex ones easier. I'm sure tutors can be great but as I have no experience with them I can't really comment.

When will the next UK tour be?
2009. Watch Ash-official for announcements. Things should start ramping up in the next few months.

If you had the chance to cover one song, what would it be?
I feel we need to repay Annie Lennox and do a version of Sister's Are Doing It For Themselves. The video will be the 3 of us in drag... obviously.

Will you guys ever make an Greatest hits album?
Isn't Sonic 7"s kinda that already? We'll be announcing our plans for 2009/10 very soon. What we're gonna try and pull off could be our greatest hit collection and homer out of the ball park yet.

basically i want them to be honest... will we ever get to see the film 'slashed' or should i just stop dreaming that i will ever see this film... i would rather them say, no there is no chance of ever seeing it and then therefore i can stop dreaming about seeing the film... just straight up yes or no!!
I don't think Slashed will ever get completed as it was originally visioned. We do plan to put the sections that were finished of it online. This will probably happen around future releases to help the hype machine.

What are necessaries of the travel? (My necessaries are Haribo Gummy Candies.)
My laptop and ipod, life on the road tends to have a lot of time to kill and these guys become invaluable.

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