My bag's packed and in a few hours I'll be heading to JFK to get on the early flight to London. It's hard to believe that the 1977 shows have sneaked up on us so quickly! We have a week of rehearsals booked and also the show in Valencia on Saturday night which should be a lot of fun too. I've just been finalizing the merch list for the shows and hopefully we'll have some new pieces available online soon. We're going to be opening a brand new webstore very soon, more news on that once it's launched.

Tim's been out of town for the past few days, he's away on a rather interesting course in Salem. I'm sure he'll tell you all about that another time... cough, cough, Hogwarts! 

For the past few days I've been in the studio with Big C, we got Rick's two new songs mixed and in the bag. Lights Out , is my favorite of the two and is a pretty cool rocker, while Flamingo (working title) is another McMurray gem. Those fans of Kingdom of Shadow  and Stormy Waters  will not be disappointed. We also have alternative versions with Rick himself singing lead vocals! Maybe one day they'll make the Ash files...

So, I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty lousy. I was out until 4 am the night before, playing pool at The Gator and drinking way too much Brooklyn Lager, it really is so good. I lay in bed for a while, aware of my hangover but remembering the glorious jump shots I was pulling off only a few hours beforehand. Ouch. I really wasn't feeling good and contemplated calling Claudius and telling him not to expect me at the studio. "No", the angel on my shoulder yelled at me, "get into the shower and get you shit together!". "Fuck it, stay in bed" tempted the red imp on the other side. Hmmm... No, the voice of the annoying 'good' guy was louder, so I got up and began operation transform to something human. I got into the studio in the afternoon and was very proud of myself to have made it in... My plan was to start working on a bunch of idea's I had kicking about.

After Mittens finalized the mix on Lights Out  and emailed it out to everyone, it was time to get down to some bass action. It turned out to be a really productive day, after a full on session of recording we had three completely new songs on the harddrive.

The first is also a first in that it's a waltz! A waltz you say? WTF, right? Well all I can now is that it's gonna be the heaviest waltz you'll ever hear and it's very cool indeed. I need to work out and define the main melody hooks but there's enough hooks in the bass and drum patterns already that I'm pretty excited. For now I'm gonna call this one Pirates Are So 2004 . For some reason I image pirates singing it, maybe it's cause I met a guy with an eye patch last night...

The second is another experimental, dance number. Hopefully it can be developed and turn out as good as R.O.W.R.  I think that when it's finished Jed might even classify it as nu-rave!  It has another nasty and killer bass riff, for now I'm calling it Night Terrors.

The third is also in the experimental field and for some reason it's chorus reminds me of Moby. It started with a beat that I dreamt a while ago, it's a bit Daft Punk in flavor. I originally recorded it doing the human beatbox a while ago so I kept it and it's burried under the drum samples we made up from Rick's kit. Again I reckon this has got a lot of potential and it'll be interesting to see how it develops. After getting interested in particle physics recently it's been dubbed Higgs Boson. Here's the Wiki it if you wanna know what it means.

After all the good output I'm pretty glad I managed to get out of bed and put the time in! And thanks has got to go to Claudius for putting in a hardcore 13 hour session!


On to a completely different topic... Did anyone see Dennis Kucinich's speech at the Democratic convention? It was classic...

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