So we're down here in Brighton two hours or so before Ash take to the stage and play three new songs! Very excited!

I got here about half 5ish and impressively managed to miss the venue, not on the sea front enough. On finding the backstage area a little on the warm side ...and after viewing the new Return of White Rabbit video.... the Mcmurray's (Rick and Mike) and myself followed Tim and Tav out of the door and wandered down to the pier. Nothing much to report other than it's dangerous to jump off (ask a previous Ash support band lead singer) and Rick enjoyed a meat feast... Oh and a great crazy Danish bus.... they'll be plenty of photos over the next few days!


Meat Feast


On the way back we bumped into showered dmh looking a bit more himself (still ill) and Ash boarder Kay, who was working out how long it took her to get to and from the station and whether she'd get to hear Rabbit and still make her train home. We hope so.

I'm gonna go get myself some food. This should be a really good gig!

To be continued....

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