Can you see yourselves ever going back on a major label? Or any label other than your own?

Well we were on Warner – or at least it became Warner – for six albums, and they want to make another ‘Best Of’ for 20 years. Can you believe it’s been nearly 20 years? There’s no set date, but that’ll be coming at some point. So we’re not completely done with majors.

The ‘Best Of’ thing can seem like a cap on a career, yet this is your second one… Is it something you’re happy enough to be involved in?

Yeah, I think it’s good for people who aren’t necessarily hardcore fans of the band, just to collect together a few gems. They don’t need the attention span of, say, 10 albums. What we actually like about it is that it might help set us up for reintroducing ourselves next year, with new stuff. It’ll up the profile a bit.

Will there be something a little bit like Cosmic Debris, too, to keep the more hardcore fans interested

Yeah, I don’t know what the title will be yet, but it’ll essentially be Cosmic Debris 2. I can’t even think how many B-sides we’ve released now, over the years. I wouldn’t want to say just how many tracks it’ll be, but it’ll be a lot.

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