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Interview with guitar tech Leif about the soon to be re-released 1977!


1)  What was a typical recording day like?

After we settled into Rockfield, late nights ensued and waking up was
usually never before noon. I seem to remember "wintering" there once,
so the nights were long. We saw very little daylight. There seemed to
be little routine, except for Mondays being a day off. I think they
pretty much recorded as they felt like and when they went for it, they
really went for it.

2)  Any images that stick out?

Sitting on the toilet in the bathroom (we all had "en suites") and
looking at my stomach... my fatness introduced itself to me and lives
with me to this day. That and Abbey Road.

3) What was life at Rockfield like?

It was life in a bubble. They fed us and they cleaned up after us.
Nick, our engineer even drove us around, so we could always go to a
restaurant or liquor store. There was basically little incentive to
look after ourselves in any way. One of my favourite times was when we
all had to wear dresses. We went into town, found the various charity
shops and second hand clothing stores to get dresses, tights, panty
hose, what-have-you. I think I had a Jackie-O hat. I don't know, maybe
I just wish I had a Jackie O hat. People really did remark that I had
good legs. I wore a tan, one-piece number with a few sequins and dark
panty hose. I think. But really, the cigarette motif added to the
overall classiness of my ensemble. I remember Rick's fucking leisure
suit, I can't stop laughing at it. Best of all, there are moving
pictures cataloguing some of these antics.

4) What was your role in the band at that time?

Guitar tech. I really don't think I did much back then. Probably
because I knew very little about high-end recording processes and
definitely fuck-all (compared to today) about guitars and amps.
I remember Tim's Silver Jet before the bridge was pinned. It simply
sat in place by the magic of what little friction there was between
two smooth wood surfaces. When I think on it now, I honestly can't
believe Tim tracked with that thing. I would have a heart attack these
days if a guitar that couldn't stay in tune for two minutes was being
used to record an album in my presence. Especially Lose Control. (am I
remembering correctly?)

5) Was the session fairly intense or rather laid back?

If it was any more laid back, it wouldn't have got finished. Life in
Rockfield was very relaxing. There were jacuzzis in the en suites as
well you know... It was more party than work for everyone. Except
maybe Tim and Owen. I think it was 50/50 for TIm as he did have to
lock himself away writing alot.
In fact we ran out of time at Rockfield and had to do some little
things at RAK studio in London. That was pretty damn fun as well.

6) Any trivia you care to share?

- My very own 1960 Gibson ES330 was used on a track. Can't remember
which one though. (Chad - I'm positive it was 'Let it Flow')
- "Sick Party" is all real, no sound effects and recorded in real time.
- "The Scream" didn't make it to the final cut of the album. There
were roughly 48 tracks of noises, moans, screams, back-stabbing and
backwards voices. Rick and I repeated "The power of Christ compels
you!" as our homage to The Exorcist. When ran backwards (as was
intended) it sounded like "I reserve myself for after." That was
pretty freaky stuff. I think we added up the voices and came up with
116 in all. It never saw the light of day. It exists only in raw
multitrack tape form on a shelf somewhere I guess.
- you can unlock another secret track on some of the earlier pressings
of the CD by loading it into your computer and trying to change the
disk name to "for will"

I think that's all I can relive without resorting to tears. - Leif


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