July 24th: We had just traveled from one side of the planet (Japan) to the other (Ireland). I was hoping to get a long sleep on the bus after it picked us up at Heathrow, but once on the ferry the Irish sea's motion constantly set off the surrounding car alarms. That was the end of any potential beauty sleep...

July 25th: We arrived in Galway on Friday morning to play the Galway Arts Festival that had been running all week. Us and our old friends The Dandy Warhols were playing in a big top round the back of the cathedral. It's actually quite nice having the whole backstage between just two bands, no cues for the showers or toilets and plenty of hot water, what a luxury! I met up with my parents who were in the area, my Mum used to run around these parts when she was a kid and my Australian cousin had also drove up from Cork, with her new fiance, so it was nice to see them. Galway cathedral is pretty impressive. Walking around it I was thinking, where on earth would you begin to build something like this? Those old masons sure did know their shit.

We were on stage unusually early at 8 p.m., only 30 minutes after the gates had opened! The tent was only partially full and not the greatest view to arrive to, but as we could see people were only arriving we shuffled the set to play the bigger singles later as it filled up. By the end it all went pretty well and we had the crowd yelling for an encore.

After the DW's played we all hung out for a while, drunk champagne and Courtney and me tried to persuade Rick and Helen to get married. (They've been together 11 years!) Courtney was sporting some awesome custom made boots that looked like Obi-Wan Kenobi's. I was pretty jealous, until he told me what they cost. Before long we were back on the bus and heading north for...

July 26th: Draperstown. We'd been asked to headline Glasgowbury earlier this year and jumped at the chance after hearing such good reports from 2007. This would be our first ever headline of an Irish festival which made it all the more special. Set up the Sperrin Mountains it has breathtaking views and it was great to be back on home turf. After meeting the charismatic promoter, Paddy Glasgow, we ventured around the site checking out other bands and getting our bearings. Kerrang! interviewed us on the bus for an upcoming feature on 'Behind the songs' and there were so many familiar faces to catch up with, it was like a high school reunion. (not that I've ever went to a high school reunion to know what its like) Paddy had provided a class tent / teepee for us as a dressing room and everything was pretty much perfect.

Triggerman was awesome in the tent and it was amazing to hear real heavy, pounding music that also made you grin and want to body slam into security. Oppenheimer played a blinder on the main stage, their quirky synth-guitar pop is just so catchy, you gotta love them. I love that Rocky sounds like Soundwave when he talks to the crowd.

Fighting With Wire were amazing, no fucking about, in your face rock. Cahir has great stage presence, not unlike a certain D. Grohl, only with a bit more menace. He had a bit of a freak out on someone who was throwing shit at the stage, which just got the pit going more mental. I like these guys a lot, we hung out for a while at Download and hopefully they'll be playing with us again very soon!

By the time we were to go on it was properly dark and there was a great atmosphere in the air. The other stages had shut down and there was a massive crowd gathered. A bit of a delay due to tech issues held things up, but once we hit the stage and the bass opened Meltdown, the crowd was swarming and I knew it was gonna be a good one. It's kinda fashionable in N. Ireland to slag off any local success but there was a sense of celebration as everyone involved with, and attending Glasgowbury knew this was a special festival. Second song Burn Baby Burn  erupted into mayhem and the set progressed seamlessly until the sampler broke down before End Of The World.  Tim played an impromptu Teenage Kicks  while Rick solved the problem and everything resumed as planned. Girl From Mars and T.O.T.I.  built the set to a crescendo and we came back out and encored with Lose Control and Jack. ATL filmed the whole set so hopefully we'll see some highlights on the TV soon.

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