Aug 15th: We're both up pretty early and out of the house before 8:30 a.m. Just after 9 o'clock Andrea's lying on her back with her belly gelled up for the ultra sound. Looking at the baby on these images is surreal, it looks like a weird hibernating alien. The doctor spends about 45 minutes going through all the checks, making sure everything is ok with the wee one, who's been cooking for 20 weeks now. Then comes the big question. What is it?

"It's a girl" he says off the cuff...
It's time to re-open the X-Files Mulder
I knew it. Andrea was convinced it was a boy, completely sure of it but I had a hunch it was going to be a girl, and it turns out I was right!
It's hard to describe the feeling but I guess I instantly started to personalize her more now we know the sex. It's like I've switched into a protective father mind-frame already. Very strange.
Afterwards we left the hospital very happy and relived that everything appears to be healthy and going well. We then went to get breakfast and the name game resumes with a little more focus!
Bumblebee Miller-Hamilton - More than meets the eye!
I've been adamant that if it was a girl that Bumblebee would be her second name, Andrea would get to pick of the first name as long as I got the middle one. Yes at first it sounds a bit stupid but come on, it's a cute and cool name for a girl and not many, if anyone, can say they're named after a Transformer?
It's not getting much of positive reaction as of yet, but I got a few months to work on it! 

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