Ok, I know I'm a County Down man and not an American, I don't even like burgers that much, but I always think of Chuck Berry when I'm flying back to NYC.

What a sweet, tantalising tour that was. Thanks to everyone who came out for the shows, it was great getting back in action and most of all trying out the new songs. I was really surprised how good a reaction they got, I think they're great songs but it normally takes people a while to get into new tunes. It's a really good sign.

Big love, to our new touring friends, Panama Kings. Brilliant people and a very exciting new band. I really love their new song "Clues" (working title). Respect is also due for bringing the Belfast version of Andrew W.K along with them as a tech, Stevie, what a guy. As for our own techs, it was great as always working with fellow gooner Flea again (we've renamed my guitars after various Arsenal legends. My best guitar, the 1960 Les Paul Black Beauty that is too good to bring on tour is now called Bergkamp). It was also Rick's younger brother Mike's first tour with us and he did a brilliant job too.

Anyway, I'm not going to write too much, because I've got lyrics to write. We're only back here for another 2 weeks and we've got a lot of songs to finish. We're recording piano at a friend's magic studio tomorrow.

I'm planning to write soon about the thought process behind the 26 singles series.

In the meantime here are some photos. First a couple of us and the brilliant Panama Kings and a cucumber. Lastly a shot from 5am-ish on the last night. Aahh, such fun...

Added on 13/06/2009 by Tim