It's that time of the year again. The footy season is about to kick off and everyone is dreaming of glory for their beloved teams.

Unfortunately the reality can often be far from glorious, but in the world of the Fantasy Premier League we can create our own dream teams and follow their progress in cyberspace.

Click here to join the new Ash-official Fantasy Premier League!

The league entry code is: 140506-146744

 dmh and webmaster jedisteve (who's a bit of a genius at it) are signed up to play and Tim has constructed his first team for this years league. We'll try to encourage Rick to join but it's probably not really his scene.

Let the baiting begin...


Update: For the past 2 years we've all been playing Fantasy Football in A League Less Ordinary. We only set up the new ash-official league because we thought the old code was lost, but it's not. To join use the link and code below. I guess we now all have a double to gun for!

Click here to join A League Less Ordinary!

The league entry code is: 134758-33302

Added on 09/08/2008 by dmh