ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set
ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set


Just a brief update because right now I should be singing not typing. The weather has been gloomy as hell over here in NYC, not fun, but it doesn't really matter when you're in a windowless studio working away like a mad scientist.

The swine flu finally left my system this weekend and I was able to start back on vocals yesterday. Although I did enjoy my week as a mute synthesizerist. (Is that the correct term for someone who play synths???) The stuff that we've been working on from Rick's last session over here is now starting to sound really exciting. By the time these songs are finished we'll have completed 44 songs.

As well as finishing new stuff we've been revisiting a few tracks from last year that needed little mix recalls or slight tweaks. Insects (We've tried a version with no piano in it), Joy Kicks Darkness, Summer Snow, and a cover of a certain Scandinavian band. Yesterday we also mixed one of Rick's songs from last year called Moontide.

Right now, I'm working on a song which had the working title of "Will you remember". I've got about 5 potential titles for it and it's getting confusing. Anyway, it rules. It has a real aggressive and dynamic power trio rock sound. It needs a belter of a vocal and this has been a nice break but I'd better get back to it.

Later my friends,



Added on 23/06/2009 by Tim