LIFE 2009

It's been a while since I blogged on Ash-official so I guess an update is long over due! The honorable Jedisteve has been doing a great job with the new site so it really is up to us to make best use of it, especially as we begin to draw closer to a new campaign, we're about a week or two away from announcing our evil scheme to retake the planet. With that in mind I'm going to attempt to start generally blogging on here with random stuff, even if it has nothing to do with Ash. Let's see how that goes...



Sith Acolyte SMH


Life really has been turned upside down over the past 3 months. If you already didn't know Little Miss Scarlett Miller-Hamilton (smh) arrived into this world on December 29th and it's been an amazing / demanding roller-coaster. Unless you're a parent I don't think you can understand or describe how much everything changes! She really is the greatest thing ever and if you're on facebook you'll be able to find her on there, she has literally hundreds of pics online. The first 2 months were particularly difficult with sleep deprivation rendering Andrea and myself into zombies, but things have gotten much better in the past month, she's got into a sort-of nighttime routine making things much more pleasant and me way more functional.



Scarlett in the studio laying down some keyboards.


A few weeks ago we returned home to N. Ireland and Ash played on stage for the first time since the '1977' shows in London last September. We flew in with acoustics and a borrowed bass to play 'unplugged', it was gonna cost us way to much to get all our gear there for 2 songs. BBC NI's ATL team had taken over the newly refurbished Ulster Hall for the night and it must go down as the biggest and greatest ensemble of N. Irish musical talent ever. It was great night and loads of fun, especially with everyone on stage at the end for the Teenage Kicks encore. Looking across stage to see Michael from Therapy? laughing back at me was hilarious. Dueling bassists, what assholes! Before our 2 songs we were really nervous because of; the long gap since being on stage, doing it acoustic, and playing the Mrs. Robinson cover with barely any rehearsal. (we still managed to screw up the beginning!) There was also an odd and weird moment when we were on stage and about to begin and the live radio broadcast was halted for a news flash. Everything on stage was held up because of the murder that happened that night. There's not a lot you can say, but I'm glad that there was universal condemnation of the killing. The last thing N. Ireland needs is to return to the dark times.

The night was still a great success for everyone involved, especially all the ATL gang who've been great champions for N. Irish music.