Hello and welcome to the new After many frustrating months offline we're back.

First off we're under construction. The whole site is being built from scratch and there will be many more features added in the coming weeks and months. For now we wanted to get some basic news and blog functioning to get ourselves going again.

The reason why the old site died was that its database was attacked and became corrupt. It was a long and tedious process finding out what was going on, as the site was not on an easily accessible server, and it inevitably became a lost cause.

Starting over gives us a chance to put together a much better site and we're going to concentrate on keeping the news regularly updated and by having multiple blog contributers from the extended Ash family. For an easy introduction to who's who, here's a list of the bloggers:

Tim  >  Tim Wheeler (guitar / vocals)

dmh  >  Mark Hamilton (bass)

Rick  >  Rick McMurray (drums)

Claudius  >  Claudius Mittendorfer (studio engineer)

Tav  >  Stephen Taverner (manager)

Lance  >  Lance Reynolds (soundman)

jedisteve  >  Steve Timmis (ash-official webmaster)

Chad  >  Chad Peck (

We'll be adding blogger profile pages and more than likely expanding the list of contributers once we have the system running smoothly. You'll soon be able to register and add your own comments to these blog posts.

We want to make the site more interactive and also make it more insightful; to who we are personally, as a band, and the crew of characters around us. We hope this will create an active and entertaining flow of content. We also recently purchased a new digital video camera to upload tour and studio footage.

After the summer festival shows and the 1977 gigs at the Roundhouse and Astoria in September we'll be heading back into the studio to record for the rest of the year. 2009 is scheduled for more new Ash music to be released than ever before. We've already got a lot of music recorded and mixed, and can't wait to get it out there. Check back regularly for studio updates and exclusive sneak peeks.


Added on 01/08/2008 by jedisteve