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I had a quick chat with Rick "Green Fairy" McMurray about some of the latest goings-on...his first line in the email was "hello chad. hope you're well. up to your nutsack in snowdrifts, no doubt".  I always appreciate a good Canadian stereotype!  Enjoy this latest slice of love from 1/3 of our favorite band.

Obviously the Bangkok trip didn't happen.  What was the vibe like in the Ash camp when the news came through?  Have you had this sort of political instability mess up plans before?

there was a flurry of emails from all quarters last week as the thai debacle went down. i wish i could publish the compilation email that had everyone's thoughts on it, but alas, it contains confidential information, so no can do. as a band we were a little disappointed not to be able to play our last show of the year, but tempered with the thought that nobody really fancied spending two weeks in an airport to do it! it was great to see the rumor mill in action; we had a few spies in a few camps to find out what the other bands were thinking and an independent observer on the ground. the best rumor was the four bombs exploding in the airport 48 hours before we were due to leave. turns out it was a drummer winding up a member of the crew. (not this drummer, you understand...)
i don't think we've ever had any political problems ruin any gigs before; 9/11 was a bit weird for us as we were stuck in the far east touring japan. we had to play jakarta not long after that which was quite daunting, as some german tourists had been beaten to death, as they were assumed to be american. we had really heavy security for that one but it passed of without a hitch.

Same question I asked Mark....give us the scoop on a few new songs that you're particularly excited about.

well i know mark talked about true love 1980, which i love. its just been mixed and it sound amazing. i can't wait for people to hear this stuff! there's another song in a similar vein called 'trenchcoat' (working title, but you never know, it might stick) which i'm so excited about. it has a darker vibe to it, more cure meets killing joke than true love and i haven't heard any melodies yet, but i know its gonna kick ass. i've been digging mark's new song too. he's written three in this new batch, my favorite being 'higgs boson' which will hopefully stick as a title. always expect the unexpected with mark's song writing! i don't want to give too much away about the new batch of tunes but i've been constantly listening to them at home and i'm finding it hard to contain myself!  it's a really diverse bunch of songs and they're all making me wet and sticky! (sorry)

How much more are you going to be heading to NYC before the end of 2008?

i don't think i'll be over there until next year. tim has loads of vocals to do which he usually does by himself. with the lights off. covered in peanut butter. its not pretty. i reckon i'll be over in early january to do some percussion bits, and get the singing nailed for a couple of my tracks. not that i'll be warbling, just showing tim where it all goes. you never know; by that time we might have some more new stuff to record too!
It's December...anything exciting on your Christmas list?

i've been thinking of treating myself to a piano or a nice acoustic guitar or a bass. but i'd settle for a glass of eggnog or perhaps connect 4.

merry xmas to you all and a happy new year!


Now we now how far Tim Wheeler goes to catch a 'vibe' when recording...yikes! Thanks a million Rick. Hope your Christmas dreams come true.

Canada love,

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