So Mark and I are sat around listening to some new no where near finished Ash, what else have been up to? Not a lot, as I'm sure you've heard by now Mark hasn't been well, so unwell in fact that we had a pre-gig sick party last night! was it going, taping? no thankfully not. We did though video Spaceshot, True Love, Rabbit, Wild Surf (which i'm loving at the mo), Kung Fu, Twilight, the all new Shining Light and the ill fated Teenage Kicks. what was the story behind this? When Ash left the stage after the main set Mark had another Sick Party and couldnt return to the stage with the rest of the band, Tim started playing Teenage Kicks and when Rick came to join in (or not as the case maybe) it all went a bit wrong... in a very funny way though. laughs all round. Then there was the infamous split second stop during Jack Names the Planets (only the second time in it's 17 year life that the guys have mucked it up) it actually sounded great like Burn Baby Burn style, till they all started back up in different places! ha

So back to today we left Portsmouth about half 6 this morning after a bus party that involved the Panama Kings Tech, the other Steve, passing out after a bottle of Tesco Value scotch whiskey, and getting sharpied by his own band. School boy error. The movement of the bus signalled bed time for the Mcmurray brothers and four hours later we were unloading and discovering the joys of the staircase at the Ballroom. Mike Mcmurray what a trooper! After sorting our equipment, the lighting turned up so we did it all over again.

As Mike headed to bed and the guys headed off for a meeting with Tav, Lance and I went for coffee, a dice with death... what would happen if we were both hit by a bus? nearly found out..... and trip to the Out There office.  Plans were made for tomorrow, dinner was dinered and arms were stamped... Rick (appearing later minus the bottles of wine he'd had hanging out his bag at the accountants) and I now have beautiful Rabbit R tattoos, almost.

And a few phone calls later brings us round to right now and exciting new Ash songs. Last night was great meeting Graham, Kurdt, Ollie, some others who's names i didnt catch and old school Sophie. tomorrow night is gonna be massive, can't wait to see everyone. Check out the new merch, think we're all gonna be modelling it... Mama Jedi has even spoken of getting a Rabbit t-shirt, if it's cool enough for her it's damn cool enough for you! The 7" vinyls will also be on sale tomorrow, though stock will be quite limited so get in quick!

Also look out the Rabbit posters... hopefully you won't be able to miss them... there being made right now

To be continued.

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