Single F, wow we're flying through these singles.

Here's Pripyat, a song inspired by the loneliest place on the planet (unless you're a mutant wolf), probably the least festive song we could ever write. We've got to stop screwing up this planet while there's a chance to do something about it.







There's silence in the air

There's silence in the ground

A presence moving through the rivers in the moonlight

Desolation all around

The wind blows through abandoned buildings

Photos scattered on the floors

Possessions of a vanished population

Safe haven for my soul


I hate to watch you destroy yourself

I can't leave you here on your own

It's the strangest thing I've ever felt

All alone in the dead zone

Nature is now reclaiming

Secrets time will never tell

I listen to the deafening silence

In the beautiful lost citadel


In the land of wolves

The horses run free

In the cemetery of the future

That's where I want to be

I'm running from the world

In the falling black rain

Monuments of the old regime

Are all that remain