Last night the legend that is Steven Wells passed away after battling cancer.

All in the Ash camp will remember 'Swells' fondly and our thoughts go out to his family.

He was one of the most entertaining, outspoken, funny and brilliant writers of our time and we will miss him dearly.

We got to know him around the time of 1977 when he came on tour with us for a NME feature, which resulted in him directing our Kung Fu video. Just because we were friends didn't mean he was always gonna write you a good review. He loved 1977, slated Nu-Clear Sounds and then loved us again when Free All Angels was released.

He also wrote the narrative script for our (as-yet-unseen) 1977 world tour movie 'Teenage Wildlife'. Which includes his all time classic line, 'Grinning like wanking dolphins...'

If you get a chance, find and read his book TITS OUT TEENAGE TERROR TOTTY, it's a literary assault like nothing else you will ever read.

The world just lost a gem.

RIP Swells (Steven Wells Says Goodbye: His final Column for Philadelphia Weekly) (James McMahon for NME) (James Brown for the Guardian)

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