Competiton #1

A couple of weeks back we started a competition giving you, the ash-official community, the chance to win the first of three homemade numbered and signed promos, asking for your answers to the question Where is the White Rabbit returning from?

Hundreds of you entered, and we had some great entries, but there can only be one winner... who is ...drum roll please Rick... Badgerparade! With his entry:

He's been coasting around on stormy waters for a while, since about 1977 in fact when he was told to get out of Tinseltown. He was a punk boy then but an old guy now with an innocent smile. Different today, as he's been through a few intense and obscure things, walking barefoot a lot of the time over shattered glass, then only in dreams Jesus came to him with Gabriel and said "I'm on drugs, at my lowest ebb thinking about you but I feel no pain". Oh yeah, he had a real meltdown in 2004, a dark and stormy period of heroin, vodka and white noise where he lost control, had a blitz in Tokyo and completely out of the blue, he started a fire and watched it burn. He's got a beautiful face but a fucked up inside, crazed and confused with no place to hide. Even now he won't be saved and he's blacklisted in several towns, despite the regular interventions and clear invitation to the dance from his Uncle Pat. Or so the story goes. Still, it's not the end of the world and you can't have it all, he just needs somebody to give him some truth and cool it down. Then he can get ready to say "Goodbye Tractor" and someday before the day of the triffids or the Chinese new year we'll all heartily declare the return of the white rabbit and that our favourite boy is back in town and he's coming around again. In short, I'm gonna fall on this one as I'm no fortune teller so I don't know exactly where he's returning from, so despite the fact that I'd give you anything, my dream of winning this competition has well and truly gone.

So congratulations Michael! Tim picked the winning entry and so Michael wins Tim's homemade, numbered and signed promo!


The Runner-up, and sadly still going home with nothing, was Mark's favourite entry ...the hare-dressers... entered by ashbratcat. Dad joke see.

But don't worry if you haven't won, there are still two more promos and two more chances to win. Starting right now...

Competition #2

Please send your answers to to the following question:

Why has the White Rabbit been away?



To be eligible to enter this competition you must be a registered member of ash-official and email your answer to from the email address your account is registered to. Please entitle your email RETURN OF WHITE RABBIT. Multiple entries allowed.

The last day to enter this competiton will be Monday 8th June, so there's a chance to pick up some tips if you're joining us at any of the June shows!

Best of luck!

Ash x

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