Why, when everyone else in the venue is soaked to the skin and exhausted, do you look like you just stepped out from under the hairdryer, having been in the shower ten minutes ago?

I sweat through my Mcmurray gland, it’s much easier.

You are younger than the rest of the guys - aren't you afraid you'll be asked to push them around in their wheelchairs some day?

The state they're in at the airport some mornings, i'm already pushing them round on a trolley!

Who has the smelliest pants/socks/general existence on the tour bus?

I think "The Boy" has that honour.

When you first met Tim Mark and Rick did you feel a bit star struck? Or is all just rock and roll?

The first time i met them was in the 90's, i think i was probably quite starstruck then, whereas now its all Vodka for breakfast etc


How was the Barrow-in-Furness gig for you and did you like the venue? We never get bands of Ash's stature here, people were blown away, and they’re still talking about it like the gig was yesterday!

That was a great show, it was totally packed and everyone was really up for it, one of the best shows of that run i think.

Would you also like to be their touring guitarist in the future?

I'm having a great time with them at the moment, though Rick keeps mentioning something about a fruit related party he wants me to attend, so i'm not sure how long it is until i'm fired for insubordination

Jim and Rick

On the bus: what are most of the arguments about? who has the weirdest eating habits? who's always in bed first/last?

What happens on tour, stays on tour, but a few mornings i've gotten up and Rick is still up from the night before!

Rick and Jim

How does touring with Ash differ from touring with Bloc Party?

I think the main difference is the relentless partying... these guys never stop!!

Touring with a new band must be tough, any annoying habits from the others which you wouldn’t tell them about?

There's the infamous Fuji Rock bus incident, but i don't think that needs to be repeated in print form. In any form. Ever.


Who are you most scared of out of band or crew? Why?

"The Boy" can be a bit of an animal... now he has his own currency (see facebook), the power has gone to his head.

Would you try and talk Ash into playing a Bloc Party song live? If so which would it be? (Personally I would want Song for The Clay or Helicopter).

We did actually talk about fitting a Bloc chorus into an existing song, such as the breakdown of White Rabbit, that could be pretty cool

Do you prefer playing to loads of people (Reading Festival, Glastonbury, etc) or do you like the more intimate gigs?

Intimate sweaty gigs can be really fun and exciting, but my favourite memories tend to be from some of the festivals i've done.... sometimes it can be truly magical

Rick and Tim

How come you don't sweat on stage? Are you a robot? If you were a robot then what would your robot name be?

I don’t think i'm a robot... would i know if i was? I don't think robots get to choose their own name, my creator would know though.

I hear a lot about the guitar gear you use, Boss Pedals and Fender hot rods, all used throughout your Bloc Party career. I'm very interested to know what effects you've specifically used when touring with Ash, and what you like about them.

I've really cut down for the Ash shows, its a completely different sound and not very effects based, so all i'm using are 2 distortions, a feedbacker and a delay pedal. it certainly makes things a lot simpler compared to my 18 or so pedals on my Bloc Party board!


Russell Lissack Q&A Part II: Ash Fans, A-Z and Learning New Material coming soon...

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