ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set
ASH - The 7" Singles Box Set


What do you think of the ash fans?

The Ash fans have been great; everyone has been really welcoming. They always seem to be passionate and supportive about what the band are doing, its great to see.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Drunk as Hoff.... you'll have to ask the others about that.

What super power would you love to have and why?

Flying would be pretty handy for touring!

Any glory Ash solo's you wanted to play but Tim kept to himself?

Tim said i could play anything i liked, but i thought Ash fans would be disappointed if they didn't get to see Tim bust most of them out. We do a mean dual solo in Angel Interceptor, that's a good compromise.

What killed the dinosaurs?

Have you seen a Komodo Dragon? They're alive and well!

Are there any singers/bands you hate? If so, who are they?

Everyone i've met has been nice, but i don't miss the Fratellis... i don't think you need a reason to dislike them

Aside from ash, who are your other favourite bands/artists?

My tastes change quite frequently now... when i was younger i loved Weezer, Suede, The Smiths and Smashing Pumpkins but at the moment i'm listening to Ali Love, Holy Ghost and Kelis.

Did you and Tim enjoy being foodies together?

Yeah... we're in Australia at the moment, where we are known as "Veggo's", i like that. Its great to always have eating buddies, it makes touring a much less lonely experience.

Would you ever consider getting an 80's style punk Mohawk of considerable length to replace that wonderful fringe of yours?

I think my hairdresser would be very angry with me... and so would my face.

If you could go on a date with a WAG, who would it be? Where would it be? And why?

Does Cheryl Cole still count? We could discuss how we prevent our fringes from getting weak, limp and lifeless.

If the band would offer you as the new permanent official member, would you then leave Bloc Party and join them?

I wouldn't leave Bloc Party, its where my heart lies, but you never know what the future holds... i didn't think i'd ever be touring with Ash!

Are you familiar with many of Ash's b-sides? What are some of your favourite ones?

I'm only really familiar with the 1977 era... i do a mean cover of Sick Party.


What is the story behind the Ash covers band you were a part of? (What was it called, who else was in it, and what songs did you love to play?)

It was a one off i did with some friends (including Mattie who now plays in Does it offend you yeah) for our 18th birthday party... we played most of 1977 and Nu Clear sounds, that’s why i still remember them so well. That was my first run as Charlotte :)

What songs do you feel were easier to pick up; the older stuff, or the latest songs from the A-Z Series?

The older stuff i knew already, which made it much easier, but i usually pick things up very quickly.

Playing in your covers band back in the day did you ever think you would be 1. Successfully writing and playing music. 2. Play with the band whose tracks you were covering

I always hoped i would be, it was all i ever wanted to do and all i thought about, but i don't think i ever anticipated touring with Ash.

Do you think had you been around at the time the guys would have chosen you as the 4th member of Ash?

You'd have to ask them.... i'm not sure i'd have gotten through the drinking initiation procedure.

Are Ash fans better than Bloc Party’s?

Ha, i can't answer that! But as i said, the Ash fans have been awesome, i have nothing but positive words for them.

Who would win in a fight to the death Tim or Kele?

Well Kele has bulked up by eating 12 raw eggs a day, but Tim does Kickboxing, so it would be a good contest.... finish him!

Darkside or Lightside?

Darkside... the Empire will rise again.

What’s your favourite ash song to listen to?

I love the new material, a new track is my favourite, but i'm not sure if it’s been released or not so I’d better bite my tongue. (Spellbound - A-Z Vol.2 Bonus Track - Released 11th Oct)

A-Z Vol.1

How long did you have to learn all the ash tracks, and was it easy?

After working them out at home, we only had a few hours rehearsal... lucky i'm a quick learner! The best practice is performance

What tips would you give to someone who wants to start playing the guitar?

For me, learning the songs of the bands i love was the best way to learn.

Were you self taught or did you have any lessons when you were young?

I had a few lessons, but i didn't enjoy learning Blues etc which teachers seem to use, so me and Mattie used to work out songs together, or show one another.

Where do you get your t-shirts from?

I always come back from Japan with a very heavy suitcase and an equally empty wallet.

What do you think of the A-Z Series?

I think its been great, its really impressive how high the quality has been throughout... they've written some of my favourite ever Ash songs of late, which is amazing for a band that's been going for as long as they have. Most others seem to lose that creative spark.

If you could banish 5 people from this earth, who would they be?

Its hard to narrow it down, there's a lot of jerks out there.... and whoever you get rid of, someone else will just pop up in their place.

Richard Wilson Mcmurray

Did you find it hard to learn the amount of songs that ash had on the set list for this tour and if so which ones were the hardest?

As i mentioned before, i knew a lot already, but the hardest to learn were the keyboard tracks. In Bloc Party, i write and play all the keyboard parts but i don't perform them live, as i'm not as proficient as i am on guitar, so that was what i was most nervous about.

If you had to choose would you rather play guitar or keyboards?

Guitar every time.

Were you worried about how Ash fans would react to you joining the band?

A little bit, but i think since it had been a few years since Charlotte’s departure, people were missing the two guitar dynamic.

As a Vegan Rockstar, what do you eat on the road?

I'm not Vegan, i'm Vegetarian. Quite a few of the guys in the band and crew are Vegetarian, so we usually get a pretty good rider with Avocado, Quorn slices and smoothies. Its healthy stuff, which hopefully balances out the Vodka later in the day.

I know Tim is used to those certain Female Stalkers, how do you feel about the Ash-board groupies who have found themselves a new ash heartthrob to stalk?

My fringe tells me it is very flattered by the attention.

Which of the songs did you enjoy learning/playing the most? Just because when we saw you at Middlesboro you had a big smile on your face and it made the gig for us.

I think Dead Disciples is my favourite to play. The dual guitar work is interesting throughout... i suppose it’s the closest in style for me to some of the Bloc Party

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