By the way...A belated thank you to all who came and saw us on the A-Z tour, we had an amazing time, it was one of the most fun tours we've ever done.

I'm now back in NYC, it's taken me a week to start feeling normal again. In the middle of the tour I went for 23 days without a day off. Anyway I'm feeling relaxed and sane again and am back writing songs for our upcoming recording session in January.

I'll be heading back to the studio tomorrow to record some acoustic versions of A-Z songs for future use.

Here are a few recent links that might interest you guys:

We took a photo every day of the A-Z tour for Steve Lamacq

Free All Angels in the Irish Times 20 best albums of the decade

An interview I did for a blog called Pop Tarts Suck Toated

A photo of us and Jonathan Ross

And finally a magic moment when James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince were all on the same stage



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