Hey everybody, here are the lyrics to Space Shot. This song started out as a little autoharp riff, then some prophet synth riffs got added and it all developed from there. I bet there aren't too many autoharp/synth pop songs our there. My favourite line is the one about mutating.

Rick is coming over to NYC in about a weeks time to work on some more A-Z songs, can't wait to get jamming again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some Space Shot action!







Space Shot


Deadly venom, you feeling alright?

You fast forward into the light

Back to the future, we don't have much time

Flip the switches, let's go for a ride

Pure psychotic, I'm leaving the ground

I love this city, I live for this town

Going crazy, reading your mind

Out of orbit, we'll do it tonight


I'm getting out at five and I wanna go

I Want to feel alive


Space shot baby, out of control

We're out of control, yeah, out of control

Everything that you wanted to know

You wanted to know, you never wanted to know


Sub zero, fifty below

Can't take the pressure, it's going to blow

Automatic, get in the flow

Think I'm mutating, just so you know

Check the exit, time to escape

Over Europe, across the states

The world is crazy, who can deny

To the limit, we'll do it tonight

Added on 18/01/2010 by Tim