Now the A-Z tour is finished how did you think it went? Did you enjoy playing the more obscure and smaller venues?

the a-z tour was amazing although i think i'm still recovering from it! it was renamed the a-dead tour by the support band, but they had it much harder than we did, being in a transit van for 6 weeks. we had a blast tho; it was our first big tour for a few years so it was nice to get back on stage and the reaction to the new material was great. it was great for the band to do things in a radically different way; thats what the whole A-Z experience is all about.

How did you feel the audience reacted - was it as you expected?

coming from belfast we understand the small town mentality to the rock show. the audience was always really hyped up just to have a band come to them rather than the other way round. i think there was a mixture of hardcore fans and locals coming to check out the big event in town. the new material went down really well which was great for us. it kinda confirms you're onto something when the crowd can sing the chorus of a song they haven't heard before by the last chorus.

Whats the craziest thing you did on tour?

there were a few crazy aftershows; the ones that really stand out were east grange, loughborough, newport, plymouth and swansea. the crazy award has to go to steve toner, tech for panama kings, who proved alcohol and diabetes can mix, although not without consequences. who else would sleep in a bin on a day off. seriously.

What is the meaning of life?

to sleep in a bin on a day off before you die. according to steve.

If you guys got offered a lot of money would you play at someones wedding and if so how much?

possibly; but you name the price and then maybe we can start negotiations. at the very least you'll hear me laugh. if i don't, then you might just be in the right ballpark...

How often did you guys practice every week before you had released Trailer? Roughly?

not enough, judging by the number of takes we did on some songs. i can't remember exactly how many, but i'm pretty sure we were somewhere in the 40s on petrol. note to all young bands; don't try to get tight when you get to the studio, do it before. its much cheaper.

Can we expect any Christmas surprises at Darlington?!

a) if i tell you it won't be much of a surprise, will it?
b) you can expect away; that doesn't mean there will be one
c) i'm not mystic meg; i can't predict what will happen
d) i'm beginning to annoy myself. i'll shut up now.

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