Hi guys, here's the lyrics for The Dead Disciples. We flew to Cordoba in Spain for a festival in the middle of a European tour in September 07, but the night before the festival a storm came in that wrecked the stage and PA system, causing the festival to be cancelled. So we ended up having 2 days off in this great ancient city. I used some of my downtime to do a bit of writing and that's where I wrote the music for The Dead Disciples. It was one of the first songs we started working on when we reconvened at our studio at the start of 2008 and I wrote the lyrics after we'd recorded most of the track. It's the first Ash song to feature double-kick drum playing by Rick and has some liberal tremelo bar use by me in the guitar solo. There a James Joyce/Deadalus reference in the lyrics for our literary friends.





The Dead Disciples


Spinning out into the void

Waking up and feeling like you've been destroyed

Thirty-one nights of suicide

Near obliterated but you're still alive


Fearless state of mind

If you believe then you will never die


I can feel you

In my mind

I am feeling

So alive


In the shadows of death and gloom

Hiding seeking solace in the catacombs

Dead and resurrected in a foreign land

Reincarnated as a hawk-like man


Fearless state of mind

If you create then you will never die


I can feel you

In my mind

(I am feeling

So alive)

When the storm is breaking

And the ghosts are walking

When the walls are shaking

Watch the stars exploding


In the nightmares of the paranoid

Shaking in the fallout from the asteroid

Every waking minute learning mind control

Soar over the ocean and release your soul


(I can

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