"TRUE LOVE 1980"
Timothy Allan, Pete Doyle and Loverush UK! Remixes

Jaymo & Andy George Remix

With 18 Top 40 hits, Ash are one of the most successful ‘singles bands’ of recent times, consistently bothering our charts and airwaves with their distinctive, lovable and inventive pop. In 2007 Ash released the album Twilight Of The Innocents, bequeathed another brace of hit singles You Can’t Have It All and Polaris, before promptly announcing they would no longer release albums in a traditional way. Heralding a new approach to record releases, the ultimate singles band will now deliver the ultimate singles collection – a year long series of fortnightly single releases, with limited edition collectors vinyl.

For the past year they have been holed up in their New York HQ, Atomic Heart Studios, writing and recording a series of songs that will form the “A-Z series”.

In July of this year ASH unleashed the REHASH EP which included remixes of their forthcoming single TRUE LOVE 1980 from Timothy Allan, Pete Doyle and Loverush UK! and a Jaymo & Andy George remix of ASH’s free download single from May of this year, RETURN OF WHITE RABBIT.

The haunting Dubstrumental mix by Loverush UK! became a summer favourite in Ibiza, gaining massive support from Tiesto. Also on REHASH is a remix by Canadian Timothy Allan, otherwise know as one-third of the Hong Kong Blondes. Here he takes “True Love 1980” into a more housier summer groove. Finally, a tripped-out house mix from Pete Doyle proved a winner on the dancefloor.

REHASH includes a frenetic, twisted remix of RETURN OF WHITE RABBIT by new kids on the block Jaymo & Andy George. These boys are well know for there residencies at MODA, playing with the likes of Annie Mac, Cassette Jam, Hot Chip, Herve and Kissy Sellout who supported this remix on his BBC Radio 1 show.

The REHASH EP was available for a limited period on Beatport over the summer months. The club returns from DJ’s gave ASH a top 10 club hit, with REHASH peaking at number 7 in the Music Week club charts.

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