In 20 days time it is the anniversary of the birth of Ash. For fun, Tim is going to tweet a fave memory each day for the next 20 days. Follow him at twitter.com/timwheeler1977 #ASH20

  1. Our first rehearsal with Rick was on 16th June 1992 at Rick's house. Remember we played The Wagon by Dinosaur Jr!
  2. First show w/ Charlotte @iamsylvertongue @ the Limelight in Belfast, a few days later headlining 2nd stage @ V97
  3. Breaking the attendance record at the White Stage, Fuji Rock festival, Japan 200
  4. @darthmarkh breaking both his feet jumping off a balcony on the 1977 tour and we didnt cancel the tour
  5. Playing Girl from Mars on Top Of The Pops while waiting for my A-level exam result
  6. Playing the soundstage at Industrial Light & Magic, then staying over at Skywalker Ranch
  7. Playing the first sketch of Shining Light to @darthmarkh & @onionrick for the first time. 1999
  8. Our 5 night run of shows at the Astoria, London 97. We played over 20 shows at that venue before it closed Ashtoria RIP!
  9. Being Number 1 in the UK album charts for a second time with Free All Angels. Bam!
  10. Owen Morris producing 3 of our albums #bulletholesinguitarsdancingonmixingdeskscrossdressingsickpartygoodtimeinsanity
  11. Setting up Atomic Heart Studios in NYC in 2006 and going on to record the A-Z series with @CMittendorfer Epic project!
  12. The Nu-clear Sounds album launch. Playing 4 countries in 1 day. England, Scotland, N Ireland and Wales. Jetsetting
  13. Supporting Weezer in the US on the Pinkerton tour in 1996. Mark did their lights every night.
  14. Recording the Meltdown album in LA at Sound CIty Studios where Nirvana made Nevermind. Teenage dreams coming true
  15. Early days playing the Penny Farthing in Belfast with all our mates bands. Running for the last bus home to Downpatrick
  16. The A-Z tour. Our alphabetical UK tour, 26 shows from Aldershot to Zennor. Amazing fun & madness. Panama Kings with us.
  17. Recording Free All Angels in Andalucia, Spain, 2000. El Cortijo, beautiful residential mansion studio. Best of times
  18. Reading Festival. Eight amazing shows there over the years. So hard to pick the best. 95, 96, 98, 01, 02, 04, 07, 2010
  19. Good Friday Referendum concert, Belfast 98. With U2, John Hume & David Trimble. Part of Northern Irish history
  20. Got to be #ASH20 itself. Great to look back at the last 20 years and what a party we've just had. Onwards!


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