This is from The Times Culture magazine a few weeks back...

Tim: "There are plenty of accidental Spinal Tap moments that I've experienced, but you occasionally come across some deliberate ones, too. Our manager used to have an actual cricket bat on the wall of his office, which was a nod to the character Ian Faith in the film. I don't think he ever had to use it, but it was definitely a good intimidation technique for when he had meetings with Artie Fufkin-type people from record companies.

We also starred in our own version of This Is Spinal Tap back when we were touring 1977. We were on the Japanese leg, in 1996, and had a documentary crew with us the whole time, filming everything we did. Ewan McGregor actually narrated it, too, but it never got released because, but it was all finished, we had a new member in the band and it seemed out of date. We were totally jet-lagged and spaced out during that tour, and there was one whole 10-minute section filmed in which we had a big meeting that was solely about laundry. We basically hadn't had time in our schedule to do any laundry for days, and we were complaining about it to our manager.

It was pretty painful to watch that back afterwards, because I realised it was just as pathetic as watching Nigel Tufnel sitting backstage and complaining about his bread not folding properly."

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