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Now that this place is a real hive of activity again, I'll be checking in more frequently with info direct from the horse's mouth.  I originally emailed Tim about this before any info on ROWR came out, so we know some of the info already...but it's a good read.
I pulled up in the '64 Impala
About a year ago I came to NYC and heard ROWR, freshly recorded (and about 11 minutes long, if I remember correctly).  You joked that it might be the comeback single...and that's what it is! How did you decide on this particular track to be the one to re-introduce Ash to public?

We knew we wanted to comeback with something that would surprise people and when ROWR started coming together as a song we got really excited by it. I've seen a review that used the word "startling" to describe it. Some friends have said it sounds like a whole new band, so mission accomplished.

Mark posted a clip of the boys from Levy singing some gang vocals...it seems like that part didn't make the cut. Is there some mega-mix that we can expect with ROWR in all of its gang-vocal glory or did that part get left on the cutting room floor?
There is a longer version that will emerge one day. That section on youtube was a middle 8 key change part that we cut to make it run more smoothly. Initially the song was really, really long. Then we chopped it down, it still had that middle 8 and a longer instrumental section, a longer intro and a great breakdown part. Eventually we edited it again, we sacrificed these parts to make it into a flowing pop song when we decided it would be our comeback single. It's funny that we've extended it again now we're playing it live. We've added the breakdown and outro from a remix we made. There are so many possibilities of what you can do with that one mighty riff.

What's it like singing words that Mark came up with?  Has he contributed more lyrics for this new batch of songs?

It's great, they're cool lyrics and it's a killer melody. Mark and Rick have written about 6 or 7 songs each that we've recorded. There has been no real rules or limits, we're just experimenting and trying things out and seeing what magic emerges.
I don't think this was used on ROWR.

The song features some prominent synth lines (not to mention some atypical (albeit great) guitar tones).  Do you have a secret plan for pulling this off live?

We've got an Alesis HD24 that we play the synths off. We run a click track into Rick's head via his in-ear monitors so that we can play in time with the synths. It sounds awesome. Sometimes when we're playing live I remember that I'm playing along with myself playing keyboards too, it's cool.

Will this song see a physical release? A video?

The 7" is out, and I think it's almost sold out already. It's going to become a cool collectors item along with the 26 singles to come. There's only going to be 1000 of each. The vid will be up soon.

Is this song indicative of what's to come, style-wise?

It's really the only disco song we've got, I wish we had more because it's so much fun. maybe we should write another. There are a lot more electronic sounds on our new songs, so I guess ROWR is a little taster of those new sounds creeping into our work. We're trying to be all over the place with the new stuff, variety and good songwriting is going to be the key to keeping things interesting over 26 songs. We want to keep surprising everyone over the next year.

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