To celebrate the first plays of True Love 1980 on the radio I'm posting the lyrics.

It's a good feeling to have it on the airwaves!



True Love 1980


True love

A silver heart upon a chain

In 1980 was engraved

A heart so innocent

Before you knew a world of pain

Before you learned to be afraid

And lived through times so cruel

But you can start again

For what you mean to me

No words they can explain


I've been trying to discover

Something that can last forever

We're two fools who stand divided

You and I should be united

True, true love


I watch you dance across the room

Your eyes are closed, so beautiful

You're in another place

The music has enraptured you

So free of cares, I wish that you

Could always feel this way

Oh we can start again

For what you mean to me

I'll never walk away