Loads of fan-made Twilight  videos featuring our song Vampire Love, from Meltdown (2004), have started knocking up serious numbers of views on YouTube. Vampire fans from all over the world are taking stills and clips from the upcoming movie of the first Stephenie Meyer bestseller Twilight  and are using Vampire Love as the soundtrack.

100's of comments left by fans of the Bella and Edward series have voiced their approval, including:

"this song was made for twilight!"

"i agree wit the person below me... fits in with twilight perfectly omg its crazy"

"OMFG! I FOUND IT AGAIN! Back when i first read the books, i saw this video, and this song is always stuck in my head. i'm SO glad i could fin this video again. it's been forever!"

"ahhhhh yea i love that song its by ASH uhhhh yea its called VAMPIRE LOVE! ahaha bet u already guessed that!!"

"Wow! Perfect actress and song! Congratulations! P.S.: the song is perfect, too!"

"This is my favorite song and also my favorite book too. Thank you so muck for making this video."

"KEWL!!!luv the song!!luv the books!!!"

"This is the perfect song for the Twilight book series.. seriously, if u like this song, you'll LOVE the books!!!"

"i love this song, and i do agree it would make a great song to go with the TWILIGHT movie!!!"

"crazier thing: this came out BEFORE twilight!!!!! wierd... AMAZING SONG!!!!!!"

"This is such a Twilight song! :)"

"Such an amazing song. <3 Gorgeously gorgeous?! ;o <3 BellaXEdward. ;P"

Added up these Vampire Love YouTube links below currently total over 170,000 views!
Check out the Official Twilight movie trailer hereTim is also a fan and has read the first book. Who knows, with this kind of vamp community love we'll maybe try writing a song for one of the sequels!

Added on 01/09/2008 by dmh