13 singles in, here is "War with me". We're still working away at the studio on the next 6 months of music for you. We've got a stack of great finished songs and some mysterious unfinished ones. Putting it all together is a little like a jigsaw.

Rick arrives back in NYC tomorrow and a certain Mr Lissack is here already so we'll be rehearsing like mad for our imminent trip to Tokyo next week. There is also the small matter of an NYC show this weekend. Bring it!

Thanks to anyone who made it to the Dublin show last week, it was a great night. My highlight was playing "Whisky in the jar" with Mik Pyro from the Republic of Loose. We go way back to 1998 when we toured with Mik's sister's band The Chicks. We wrote our b-side "We don't care" together. Just in case you've never heard Republic of Loose you should check them out, my personal favourites being "Comeback girl", "You know it" and "I.R.I.I.S.H".

The vid for "War with me" was quite an adventure, shot randomly over 3 weeks. We shot the beach stuff out in the Hamptons, near where they shot the "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" beach scenes. We drove out in a beautiful 60's Mercedes convertible sports car but it broke down a mile from the beach. Weirdly enough we'd just passed a vintage Merc repair shop. Alex the director went back there to see if they could fix up the car. He came back with the owner Jimmy who had a cat and dog in his car with him. He drove us to the beach so we could shoot while he checked out the car. It turned out that the car needed a lot of work and wasn't going anywhere. We had planned to shoot a part of the journey in this car, luckily Jimmy saved the day again and let us film that part in his Jag and it turned out to be way more interesting. Good bad luck!

Here are the lyrics,





War with me


Is this our final destination?

Bide my time, that's my situation

Caught up in your personal battles

Your desires, your desires

If only you could see things more clearly

Through the chaos I wish you could hear me

I stood strong when all others have failed you

I've been a rock, I've been a rock


So why do you want a war with me?

Oh yeah


Identifying with the broken hearted

You want to save the lonely and rejected

Baby could you look a little closer

At one who loves you, the one who loves you


So why do you want a war with me?

Oh yeah