Oh yes, this sad individual is labouring his Friday night away in a dark room, as he has done for almost every Friday night of the last year (plus). All in the pursuit of a crazy dream.

I could moan more about the lack of a social life, but I know I'm very lucky that we have this studio and i can indulge all my musical whims. Who needs humans when you can talk to synthesisers and listen to own voice being recorded over and over and over and over?

As a sign of my possibly diminishing sanity I offer you the fact that today I came to the conclusion that "Joe Le Taxi" is one of the saddest and most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. Maybe the unpredictable weather is getting to me, this was moments before getting caught in a monsoon style downpour. I ran from the subway to the studio huddled over, trying to shelter my bag holding the hard drives which contain all our recent work. Luckily I made it without them getting wet and our stuff is safe.

Recently, I've been reading the original scroll version of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road". It's great to read the uncensored version with all the real names of characters like Cassady, Ginsberg and Burroughs. There's a great quote in it, spoken by Kerouac's friend Henri Cru;

"We'll make beautiful music on their evil skulls"

That's kind of how I feel about us coming back with these new tunes. Actually it would make a great t-shirt, mmmm...

We've just finished another mix tonight, a pretty sweet song, formerly nick-named "Neon 2". We've got 3 options for the real title, so I won't share it with you till we make a decision. Anyway, it's a very languid piece of music, with a spoken word middle 8 section inspired by Serge Gainsbourg and The Stranglers (who were probably just being inspired by Gainsbourg). Who knows if we'll stick with it but it definitely is different for us. Gotta try all these different ideas out and see what happens.

Speaking of Gainsbourg, if you haven't heard the album "L'Histoire De Melody Nelson", I think you should check it out. Obviously it's one of Beck's favourite albums, "Paper Tiger" is a lovingly done rip-off of the sound.

What else, what else...Tonight's session is dedicated to finishing lyrics on a song called "Insects" which is about insects, humans and all our subconscious little demons (obviously). Think it'll be a good one.

I bid you adieu with a youtube vid of Howlin' Wolf, check out his amazing presence and perspiration. As someone wrote in the comments; "Raw as hell". He must have freaked those 60's folks right out.

Enjoy your Friday night you lucky bastards!

Added on 04/04/2009 by Tim