Ok so while Ash are in Singapore performing their last show of 2008 - which I'm sure dmh will tell you more about soon - it may seem that it's all gone a little quiet with the site, which is after all still "under construction". After our little drama with the Ash server last week, a lot work has gone on behind the scenes to prevent the site from disappearing again, and to improve the speed at which you can experience ash-official.... If you find this site is very slow for you (pages taking ages to load etc) please let me know webmaster@ash-official.com stating what time it was. thanks

As well as working on the server I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks building new functionality for the site, some of which you should be seeing quite soon. After this you should be seeing new functionality, additional sections and smaller add-ons appearing more regularly.

There's also been transatlantic telephones calls, LA to Liverpool (you decide which is more glamorous), about next years download releases. I'm not gonna give the game away, but everything is anything but quiet at the moment. Conversations have also been had about the new online merchanise store. 1977.


t-shirtsevil lookshats
...t-shirts, evil looks, hats... we might have the lot...


So without saying too much... all is not as it seems.

There's also a package in my back room addressed to Chad I haven't got round to posting....


Ash Fantasy Football Week VI... without checking again I'm pretty sure Tim remained second in the ash-official league, even with Arsenal losing at home to Hull. I moved above dmh thanks partly to a fantastic Torres double at Goodison Park!! The derby win setting up a brilliant weekend for me.

Pompey added to Spurs' troubles at the bottom with Pompey's Glen Little earning a repestable six points for wide midfielder priced at 4.4. Little didn't start, or get off the bench, for Pompey last night in the UEFA cup as Harry Redknapp switched the team to a 3-5-2. But with Pompey forced into extra time Little maybe worth a look with your fantasy transfer this week, even if it's a place on the bench as he's got to be one of the cheapest midfielders going.

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