A while ago I asked for fan questions to be's the first round of answers from Rick.  Keep 'em coming!


1) hey, first of all i wana know is there something in the water in downpatrick because all the best bands in northern ireland seem to come from there lol Also when is the next time we will see your lovely faces in nothern ireland?? :D

there's been a lot of bands to come out of such a small town, but if there's something in the water, they must have added an extra ingredient in 1992 when we got together, since we're clearly the best. as for our bakes, i'm sure they'll be seen very soon back in northern ireland. we've nothing to announce yet, but keep an eye on the website. hopefully we'll have something to tell you soon.

2) I have seen a couple of pictures of the studio that there a Candy sign up there, so I was wondering have you still got the Candy suits?

unfortunately the candy suits were hired in for the shoot. i would have loved to have kept it, but it had to go back. it did inspire me to get some nice suits though! i still have the outfits from the there's a star video and burn baby burn. the used panties have all been sold on ebay... the candy sign has found a good home in the studio, but its a shame it doesn't work. it was officially condemned as a safety hazard when we wanted to use it on stage. we could fire it up but i don't feel too lucky today so i think we'll give it a miss for now.? ?

3) Why did the chicken cross the road?

to avoid a bumming from the bestial fox.

4) When was it you said you were playing at Whitehaven Civic Hall, again? y know the lovley place at the top of england.../ Playing any concerts soon? - in the north of england? (...Whitehaven...or Newcastle)

we played whitehaven in december 2000, just before shining light came out. i remember that being a pretty crazy tour; it was so much fun playing towns that weren't on the regular circuit. it was a really intense time for the band too. we'd just finished FAA which we knew was a great album but coming off the back of nu-clear sounds we were facing bankruptcy and possibly the end of our career! thankfully shining light was a hit and our resurrection was sealed! as for future touring plans, we'll be starting up again soon, probably sometime in the spring. i wish i could tell you more but we have nothing specific plans as yet.

5) Will you ever play a concert with Charlotte again?

well, you know, never say never, but i can't see it happening any time in the near future. sorry to disappoint!

6) What are necessaries of the travel? (My necessaries are Haribo Gummy Candies.)

i'm happy as long as i have my ipod and a history book to lull me to sleep. oh and four dwarves to carry my throne. and the big-up midget. and a snow plough to part the crowds.

7) Why don't you [Ash] incorporate Candy into your setlist when playing a show?  I've been waiting just under 2 years to hear it live, and stil waiting. :]

you should have been in liverpool for the start of the TOTI tour! we decided on that tour to dig out a few older songs just to surprise the audience. i'm not sure if surprise was the only emotion they felt when we broke into candy. needless to say, it didn't stay in the setlist too long.

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