Ash and the Manics are practically the only British bands left who know how to throw in a good guitar solo these days.  What's your favourite Ash solo to perform?

Yeah, JD Bradfield is a secret shredder too alright. You've got to love the guitar sound and solos on Motorcycle emptiness. It feels like we haven't done a gig forever, there's only been the show in Singapore since the 1977 shows in September, so it's hard to remember what my favourite solo is. Maybe "Lose Control", the way it blazes in with the wah pedal craziness is really fun.

Who are Goog and Gegg?!?

I can't remember, I think it was some bizarre in-joke that Mark & I had, but I've no idea what it was about now. Mark might have a better memory of it. Bear in mind we wrote that song when we were 12 or 13!

If you had to pick one, what is your favourite Ash album and why?

I'm all about 1977 at the moment, probably because we played it from start to finish at the shows recently. I like the sound of it and it reminds me of really crazy times. Some of those songs are hard to beat too, even though we were so young when we created them.

a) No middle parting here...
b) Kinky Jeans, Tim's other symbol of happiness

How do you keep your middle parting so replenished and revitilised?

You know I never pay any attention to my middle parting, it just likes to fall that way. It's a miracle really cos I've got a cow's lick lurking over on the right side. Interesting right!?!

What are the lyrics to 5 a.m. Eternal?

It's 2.24am right now, I'm knackered and I can't be bothered typing them out, sorry Brian! (This was actually my question for Owen's Angel. Sorry mate. - Chad)

What are necessaries of the travel? (My necessaries are Haribo Gummy Candies.)

My laptop and a good book. They will preserve your sanity because there's so much hanging around on tour.

As for your lyrics, there are a lot of situations of summer. When is your most favorite seasons?(Is it Summer?)

I like the two in-between seasons on either side of Summer. When it's turning from Spring and then when it's going from Summer to Autumn.
As for Summer lyrics, I was a lucky kid, my parents had jobs where they would get 2 months off in the Summer so we would have these amazing endless carefree Summers. We used to camp in a caravan on a beach in Kerry in the South West of Ireland. There were loads of other kids to hang around with, and me and my brother used to have the best times. I think that's why Summer has always been in my songs, as a symbol of happiness.

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