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Race The Night Expanded - CD

Race The Night Expanded - CD

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The new expanded version of the recent album on CD.


  1. Race The Night
  2. Usual Places
  3. Reward In Mind
  4. Oslo (feat. Démira)
  5. Like A God
  6. Peanut Brain
  7. Crashed Out Wasted
  8. Braindead
  9. Double Dare
  10. Over & Out
  11. Like A God (Reprise)
  12. Race The Night (Acoustic)
  13. Usual Places (Acoustic)
  14. Reward In Mind (Acoustic)
  15. Peanut Brain (Acoustic)
  16. Oh Yeah (Teenage Years) [The Subways Cover]
  17. Like A God (Extended Version)
  18. Race The Night (Antosh v Ash Remix)
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